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only if i have the time.”



In celebration of the LAD update, and because Lownly’s great and we love them and hope they keep writing (at their own non-stressed, high-quality pace) for many happy years…

may each note this post gets constitute a big ‘ol hug for Lownly

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ASWW Deadline Updates


Hey everybody! I just nailed out a ton of deadlines for the cast/crew/muself and we’ll hopefully be releasing around September 5th!

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LAD chapter 7 be like


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Let’s talk about a little word call… Empathy

Due to recent events involving some people talking about how some authors have changed because of fame, I think we need some issues to clarify.

Im not judging anybody, we all have the right to express theirselves on their own blogs because, I mean, it’s your own damn blog. But lets be clear, like anything, it needs rules. If you don’t like a fic, ok, go on, give a constructive critic, but it’s different when we criticize a person in a public place because OF COURSE people will come out and speak their mind.

Some people have criticize Lownly (and I took Lownly as example because they were the main issue in these posts) because they might change their attitude with friends and followers. Let me talk about it: I get what people talk about Lownly being a total different person from when LAD started. Yes, they have, because all the attention changes you, not in personality, but it makes you confuse and you don’t know where to look at when a thousand people are speaking and with their eyes over you. They’re still the silly little person who posts bear-selfies and talks about the thousands of pictures of Jesus watching her write. And let’s be honest, did you guys know how many people were actually on the LAD skype chat group? I would say 1000, or more, and all of them added Lownly because hell yeah, even I wanted to talked to them privately. I only got like… idk, maybe 6 answers from them? But that doesn’t make them rude. They used to answer each of their asks, now not? Well, would you even finish answering all the asks when 10 enter each time you answer 1?

Other people who were mentioned in this post were AA, Mouse and Claudia. I haven’t personally interacted with Claudia like I have with the other guys but I can tell that Claudia is actually away from all the jeanmarco fandom since she’s making her life happily, because she decided to do it, not because she decided to be mean, but I can put my hands on fire and tell you that I see both AA and Mouse the same as I did when I first started following them. God, AA is the sweetest and dorkiest person in the world and I love them, they are so open and so communicative with all their fans even with the aggressive ones. Mouse is a blessing, and she barely gets onto Twitter and Tumblr because she’s working now, not because she thinks she’s too cool to be near her fans now.

So let’s talk about having empathy with each other. Let’s get in other people’s shoes before we start talking at somebody expenses. I don’t mean to be rude, I just try to tell what I think about talking publicly bad about other authors, because there can be other people who actually know them better and try clean their names. My best advice? If you don’t feel like liking that person just let’s keep it to ourselves and let them be. Talking bad about someone else never brings good stuff.

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Probably gonna get hate and unfollows for this but I don’t care anymore


I honestly do not like “Like A Drum” and lownly. I find the story way too cliche and unrealistic (see my past rants about “no homo”). I also find lownly quite rude and mean. Maybe that’s just how she interacted with me, but I find that many of the “famous” jeanmarco writers to…

I’ve never talked to Lownly personally but I used to read her blog multiple times a day because I just loved her personality as well as her writing so much. All I’ve ever seen from her was kindness, even when other people, anons especially, we’re rude to her. The only time I’ve EVER seen her get fed up with others’ bullshit, she was still very diplomatic about it, even though the other person REPEATEDLY put her down and shamed her for something she did not do. Lownly is a wonderful person from all that I’ve seen and she turned a “cliche” idea into a beautiful work of art that I continue to enjoy every time I read it. She’s so talented and so genuinely nice, even when she doesn’t have to be. I think that I can speak on behalf of most of the JeanMarco fan base when I say we love you, Lownly.



i spent like three hours last night daydreaming about a jeanmarco little mermaid au and…..n ow this exists


… I’m not ready for next episode


more egyptian au for ur thirsty souls


more egyptian au for ur thirsty souls

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